COVID Safe Plan


The Queensland Government has declared a State of Emergency and in turn has provided guidelines in the form of a COVID Safe Business plan, to keep Queenslanders safe.


The plan includes measures such as encouraging physical distancing, regular cleaning and disinfecting, providing hand washing facilities, patron signage discouraging entry for those with COVID-19 signs and symptoms, safe collection of patron data for possible contract tracing, having a COVID Safe management plan for Work Health & Safety, and a checklist that outlines safety requirements and other measures.

We encourage all business owners to familiarise themselves with these, which can be found here.

We know there are many valid legal concerns around asking for private medical information and discriminating against patrons and workers, based on their private medical vaccination status and the exposure to legal liability that enforcing such measures might have. Many have already downloaded our letter template, amended and sent it to the Chief Health Officer and the Premier. This letter template can be found here and we recommend you send it if you do share these legal concerns.

However, it is important to recognise that it is still necessary to take all the reasonable safety measures we can to protect ourselves, our workers and patrons from COVID-19.

Even if you are waiting on clarity from the government in regards to these valid legal questions, we encourage you to take all reasonable steps to demonstrate you are in fact taking action, which might include implementing rapid antigen testing where vaccination status is unknown, as this is a convenient and affordable safety measure to mitigate risk.

Having and following a plan is your contingency and also demonstrates how you seek to meet requirements set forth by the Chief Health Officer.

We encourage you to take all reasonable steps to:

  1. have and implement a safety plan, which may include having rapid antigen testing where vaccine status is unknown,

  2. express your legal concerns to the government in writing.

In the event you have done the above and have been fined for failing to comply with enforcing entry requirements based on vaccine status, then we invite you to submit the details so that we may initiate contact with the appropriate legal counsel on your behalf.