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Manifesting Momentum

Today, the internet is littered with millions of articles and programs about manifesting. People want to know how to create the future they desire. The book and movie "The Law of Attraction" became a huge hit for this reason, yet people are still searching for the answers.

One of the most important aspects of manifesting is momentum. If you don't have it, you probably wont get what you desire. Here's why:-

I think it was Albert Einstein who once said, “People are like bicycles. They can keep balance only as long as they keep moving”

When you sit on a bicycle with your feet on the pedals and try to stay upright, that takes a lot of effort to keep balance. When you switch from sitting to standing on the pedals, you shift the centre of gravity to your core, making balancing a little easier. But it's when you start to pedal it becomes easy to maintain your balance. Momentum is the key.

Simply setting a goal, or thinking about what you want to manifest, is like trying to balance on the bicycle pedals, without pedaling. Writing down what you want, is like balancing while standing on the pedals. However, taking action toward your goal is like starting to pedal.

Key aspects to manifesting are:-

  • Get clarity on what you seek. Make time and space for yourself to write it down; stream of consciousness. Get very specific and be realistic and get the specific steps required to reach your objective. Remember, you can't score if you don't have a goal!

  • Figure out why you can't have it already. Often our belief systems, past fears and disappointments will cause us to fail to even start,

  • Eliminate doubts by clearing out limiting beliefs and negative emotions to prevent self-sabotage,

  • Take action. Get it out of your head and into the real world. This may include you setting and enforcing your own boundaries. Plus, the process of doing teaches you many things that you may never know until you start doing,

  • Reflect on your progress; what are the obstacles, what have you learned and what do you need to readjust? Remain open to possibilities by being flexible in your thinking.

Energy flows where your attention goes, so focus on what you want. Why? Because thought in action equals momentum.

Neuroscientists have a suite of tools that measure brain activity, such as fMRI and EEG. These tools can measure our thoughts because thoughts have mass; albeit small. Anything with mass has weight and is effected by the forces of gravity. The more weight you give to your thoughts, the more gravity will pull those things towards you. Momentum in action.

In other words, thoughts have a real mass in the real world, and with enough of the same thought forming together, things in the real world can be changed.

Have you ever dreaded something so much it weighed you down? If you think back on this, did you end up getting the very thing you dreaded? Exactly, so focus on what you want because that is what you will manifest.

Join us in Achieving the State of Clarity and learn how to manifest like a magician.


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