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Energetics Alignment

Full body map of your energetic microcircuitry and rebalancing with kinesiology and sound.

  • 30 min
  • 80 Australian dollars
  • Trinity Beach QLD

Service Description

Kinesiology and Sound Energetics Alignment offer a transformative approach to health and well-being, grounded in the science of vibrations and electromagnetic interactions. By understanding and working with subtle energies, we can achieve a harmonious balance. At the very least, it provides comprehensive relaxation, and at best, it serves as a dynamic tool leading to improved physical, emotional, and mental health. Unlock the Secrets of Your Body's Harmony. Our Energetics Alignment test reveals disharmonies, eliminating guesswork when selecting the ideal natural program personalised just for you. Modern healthcare is all about proactive prevention and unlocking the body's remarkable self-healing capabilities. The crucial factor lies in understanding the inner workings. With our state-of-the-art body energy analysis and preventative care tool, we offer a non-invasive method to extract energy data from acupuncture points on your body. Our expert kinesiologists will then tailor the perfect plan for your unique needs. Your Energetic Blueprint Our Energetics Alignment service reveals your body's hidden imbalances. Through quick and non-invasive assessment, we provide detailed reports on your energetic body, autonomic nerve balance, metabolism, and more. Why Energetics Alignment? * Gain insights into your body's energetic state. * Receive personalised therapy advice and dietary regimens. * Unlock your path to wellness. Sound, Acupressure and Meridians Meridians are subtle pathways of etheric energy that connect our electromagnetic system to our endocrine glands, and hence govern the vitality of our cells. Measuring energy balance across meridians and understanding the significance of voltage in cellular function is paramount. Identifying and mending any compromised or non-functioning pathways are vital steps in the journey to restoring your health. Stimulate your meridians effectively with kinesiology and sound frequencies. We provide precision and convenience.

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