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Clarity in Chaos: Thriving in Uncertain Times

In today's fast-paced, ever-changing world, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the future. This course is designed to help you thrive in uncertain times by cultivating a state of clarity and resilience. Through a combination of mindfulness practices and cognitive tools, you'll learn how to navigate change and uncertainty with grace and confidence.


This guides you through the process of revealing the unconscious aspects of your mind, the part you aren't aware of, but which shapes your reality. Awakening your unconscious is necessary to reprogram the way you want your life to be, which will mark the beginning of your inner transformation.


This section teaches you how to set goals in a way that makes them attainable. Here you will set your desired outcome for doing this course and put that into a goal that will set the trajectory for the rest of the course.


Values are what we seek in the world. They are our motivations, the things that often compel us. The purpose of this section, in fact, this entire course, is for you to become aware of these unconscious drivers and identify conflicts that cause friction and self-sabotage and use this important information to create meaningful change.

Emotional Cleansing

In this lesson, you will learn the steps for releasing the negative emotions and limiting beliefs you have identified during this course.

Philosophy for healthy living

In this lesson, we discuss the best way to reconnect to nature and re-energise and destress.


This section contains a series of lessons which provides awareness of how the mind works and how we can utilise this understanding to improve ourselves and how we relate to the world.


Belief is a primary driver of how we experience the world. This section brings into light how our beliefs play a critical role in our perception of the world.


Having rapport is a vital part of how we relate to others and to ourselves. In this section you will discover that building rapport is a process, which you will learn. When you have rapport with others, opportunities turn up, relationships improve and conflicts can be more easily resolved.

Toolkit for Triggers

This section aims to provide you with a series of simple and very effective tools for defusing triggers, overcoming overwhelm and bringing your state of mind back into balance quick.

Abundant Magic

Tying everything together, we finish with an audio session which uses the well formed SMARTS goal you have set for this course, and projects it into your future. A goal that is no longer inhibited by negative emotions and limiting beliefs that have sabotaged you in the past.

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