Confusion Always Precedes Greater Understanding

So it's time to ask the right questions

Confusion around the covid measures is rife because most often they defy logic and appear to be more knee-jerk than well considered.

Fear is continuously induced through relentless media hype and government updates that focus on death and exaggerated risks. The measures being forced on us are creating massive problems and causing deep divides in our community. 

The purpose of this site is to shift from fear and confusion into courage, clarity and unity by having constructive conversations around facts instead of hype. 

A perspective that is not based in fear, but grounded in logic, reason and rationale; and balances public health with sound social and economic considerations that take the moral and ethical high ground. In doing so, we aim to unite our community and its leaders to navigate towards a new and better future that values diversity and unity. 

It is important to know that the most vaccinated countries in the world are currently having huge spikes in covid-19 cases, and many are being plunged back into lockdown. So the covid measures also being implemented here, including vaccination, have failed. Do we want these unending measures here in Queensland?

We were told a month of lockdowns would flatten the curve. Then we were told that lockdowns and masking would suppress the virus until a vaccine came along. These failed. When the vaccines arrived we were told they were safe and effective, yet the TGA reports 2.2 injuries in every thousand doses and boosters are now required because two doses are not effective. The vaccine manufacturers claimed up to 100% effectiveness, however we now learn they used a statistical formula that misled us, wildly exaggerating their claims. Worse still, severe injuries and deaths have occurred from these vaccines, as shown on the TGA adverse events page, yet they are not widely reported in the media.

The government has suppressed its people in a bid to suppress the virus, but the real-world evidence shows they have failed, and further restrictions are without rationale. For example, how is eating in a food court is somehow safer than eating in a restaurant or cafe? This defies logic.

The only thing this government has control of is us! Their response has decimated small business and this is having a ripple effect throughout the community. We are right to criticise, demand answers and seek a fresh approach. This is not the first time governments have made poor decisions that are felt for generations. Remember we were told that the introduction of the cane toad would address the problem with the cane beetle? How did that turn out? Remember how all the following were also claimed as safe?

  • Agent Orange

  • DDT

  • Asbestos

  • Glyphosate

  • Formaldehyde

  • Thalidomide

  • Cigarettes

  • Vioxx

Blanket health measures fail because there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The idea is a Utopian ideology. And when it comes to medical treatments, long-term testing for safety and effectiveness should always precede their approval. These vaccines are new and using novel technology never before attempted in a human mass vaccination campaign. The data on safety and efficacy is not due for release until the end of 2023, meaning we are the experiment. 

And now that we have two years' worth of real-world data, we can see there is a 99.05% recovery rate (as at 7-12-21) in those infected with covid-19. Children especially are not at risk. We now know it is the frail, sick and elderly at risk of hospitalisation and death. Wouldn't resources be better spent focusing on keeping this portion of our community safe, instead of a blanket approach that fails to adequately address the core issues; and in the process, tramples on human rights, destroys businesses and creates fear and division?

These are just some of the valid questions that should be asked, so that we may have a chance at reclaiming what has been lost, and creating a better future in the process. The forum will allow us to connect people and promote face-to-face meetings ultimately uniting this strong community to reclaim what is ours.

Image by Eva Blue

Herd Immunity

Natural herd immunity seems to be working. The largest control group in the world is Africa, as fewer than 6% are vaccinated, yet it's one of the least affected regions in the world. This is because the average age in Africa is more than 20 years younger than the average age in Europe and the young aren’t impacted. So why are we pushing the vaccines on the young here?

In Nigeria, the most populous country of 200 million, there are only 3000 deaths in 2 years.

Image by Brian McGowan

Breakthrough Infections

Mass vaccination has failed to halt transmission rates in the most highly vaccinated countries. These countries such as Gibralta, Ireland, UK, Israel, Germany and more are being plunged back into lockdown, so the plan is a failure.


Science has recently shown that viral loads in vaccinated persons are the same as in unvaccinated and breakthrough cases are occurring regularly in those who are fully vaccinated. If the vaccines do not stop infection, they cannot be mandated.

Image by Markus Winkler

Real-world comparisons 

Norway removed all covid restrictions at the beginning of November 2021. No vaccine passports, mask mandates, or social distancing rules. Their 7-day rolling average of new deaths is lower than ever.

It appears that our government is relying on out-dated science and inaccurate modelling, and should now be reviewing this real-world data, especially given that the rights of our people are being infringed upon with a procedure that is not effective and not completely safe.