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Rebuilding Lives: A Call for Support in the Wake of Calamity


When Cyclone Jasper hit the Far North, the region braced itself for the storm, but what followed was beyond anyone's expectations. The aftermath of the category two cyclone was marked by unprecedented rainfall, causing record floods that devastated countless homes and communities. The Far North found itself in a state of calamity, grappling with landslides, damaged infrastructure, and the overwhelming task of rebuilding lives.

The Aftermath:

As the rain subsided, and the sun emerged once again, the true extent of the devastation became painfully clear. Entire communities faced total and utter destruction, prompting a commendable community-led cleanup effort spearheaded by the Mud Army and local heroes willing to lend a helping hand.

Limited Media Coverage:

Despite the magnitude of the disaster, media coverage has been surprisingly limited, leaving many outside the region unaware of the severity of the situation. The Far North is in dire need of assistance, and while the state and local government are working diligently to repair infrastructure, a long and challenging recovery lies ahead for those who were either uninsured, underinsured, or faced denied insurance claims.

Financial Struggles:

Compounding the challenges is the escalating cost of living crisis, making insurance premiums difficult to maintain. Many families are left underinsured or forced to let their policies lapse to meet basic needs. Unscrupulous insurance companies further exacerbate the situation by denying claims, adding another layer of adversity for those already grappling with the crisis.

A Plea for Help:

Government grants, while helpful, can only do so much to rebuild the broken lives left in the wake of this disaster. State of Clarity has sought legal sanction to establish a crowdfunding effort, aiming to provide direct assistance to those in need. However, bureaucratic hurdles and delays during the holiday season led us to try to collaborate with local not-for-profits, some of which only prioritise their own interests or exclusively work with government and established community programs.

Creating a One-Stop-Shop:

Understanding the urgency of the situation, we have compiled a list of useful links to facilitate assistance. Whether it's funds for trades, essential items like white goods and bedding, or sharing our media partner Slick-Start's impactful video, every contribution can make a meaningful difference. By creating a one-stop-shop, we aim to streamline the process for those willing to help, connecting them directly with the resources needed to support the recovery efforts.


Rebuilding lives in the aftermath of this calamity requires collective effort and compassion. Please share this message with anyone affected by the disaster or those who wish to extend a helping hand. Together, we can make a significant impact and bring hope to those struggling to rebuild their homes and lives in the Far North.

Useful links:

  • GivIt - Is an online portal for people wishing to donate money or goods to flood victims which allows you to see what people need right now and either give it, or fund it. Publicly donated funds received by GIVIT will be used to purchase essential items and services to help people affected by flooding.

  • Flood appeal volunteer sign up - Allows you to provide your information about how and when you can volunteer.

  • Local singer Drew Brauer created a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for immediate supplies and the clean up using all funds to buy non perishable supplies which are being distributed from the amazing team at the Cairns Yacht Squadron.

  • Local Killain Ben setup a similar GoFundMe campaign where 100% of proceeds and donations will go to the families affected and 100% Transparency on every dollars spent.

  • The Electrical Trades Union have crews of qualified electricians working in Cairns, Mossman, Port Douglas and surrounds from 28 December 2023 to 10 January 2024 to conduct safety checks for community clubs, not-for-profit organisations, pensioners, and/or people who are uninsured. This service is free to those people who meet this criteria. Call 13 22 96 to register for an appointment.

  • Here are links to government assistance:

  • State government for primary producers and small businesses

  • State government for individuals

  • Federal government

  • Queensland Reconstruction Authority is providing businesses recovery grants

If you know any other useful links, please contact us at and we will add them immediately.


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