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Meditate like a Zen Monk in minutes

Having researched and trialed many different methods of meditation-style self-improvement products and techniques, we rate the Holosync program by the Centerpoint Research Institute to be amongst the best quality programs available.

What is Holosync?

Using powerful, proprietary brainwave technology, Holosync strengthens the “executive function” (willpower, focus, creativity) of your brain, while it calms the areas that create stress, impulsive behaviors and procrastination, simply by listening to soothing nature sounds with stereo headphones.

Embedded under the nature sounds, the Holosync brainwave stimulator, literally enhances your brain power (safely and effectively) for tremendous (positive) changes in how you feel, think and behave.

Imagine, if you will, plugging your brain into a specially mastered soundtrack containing powerful audio technology that launches you into an incredible experience of focus, alertness, and deep meditation so powerful, that it immediately begins to create profound, positive changes in the structure of your nervous system—and your life!

Click this link to join the free five day challenge the experience the Holosync program yourself first.

To purchase it for yourself, at a discounted price, click the banner below.

From our own personal experience, this program allows you to make positive change, without resistance or discomfort reducing stress, increasing mental clarity, achieving inner peace and accelerating your personal evolution.


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