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Transforming Trauma

To say that the past few years has been traumatic for most is possibly the greatest understatement. Fear, anxiety, panic, separation, and even division on a global scale created much upheaval, testing relationships and causing enormous loss, stress and trauma.

While the world appears to be settling into a "new normal", much of the trauma remains just below the surface, unresolved. When we don’t know how to deal with trauma, it’s easy to cocoon ourselves like a caterpillar. If we are to move forward with confidence, it’s essential to confront our trauma, absorb the lessons it has to offer, and transform it.

State of Clarity was born out of this pain, and has transformed itself into an accelerated personal evolution program, to tackle this trauma head on.

By learning and applying simple but effective exercises, we can discover what our unconscious motivators are and how internal conflicts sabotage our success.

Awareness of unconscious patterns is only part of the solution. State of Clarity goes beyond theory and into a realm where you will experience the impacts of the techniques taught, arming you with simple but powerful tools and techniques for real personal transformation.

Program creator Sandy Barrett says “I always like to see every challenging situation as an opportunity. That's been my nature for a long time, but I wasn't always the optimist. This is something I learned through necessity: the ability to process painful experiences quickly and take the valuable lessons and leave everything else. Discovering the right tools was key, and its time I shared them.”

The caterpillar becomes the butterfly, but before it does, it eats enough food for an army of caterpillars, around 300 times its body weight. It eats, cocoons itself and then transforms into this beautiful flying being. Now it's our turn to transform.

Despite these tumultuous times, there is always something positive to be gained. Being the eternal optimist, I see an opportunity to use our trauma as a motivator, and search for a deeper meaning to life. A higher purpose. Could dealing with the trauma of the past few years propel us towards the greatest potential for transformation and evolution we have seen in our lifetime?

All change, starts with self. Join us in Achieving the State of Clarity and be the change today.


Achieving the State of Clarity is 100% online, meaning it can be done wherever you have a device with internet, and be done at your own pace.


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